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11/7/2014 10:28 AM

Animal Success Stories
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Shadow & Bella (now Chunky) have a new forever home where they'll be loved and well taken care of forever.  Their new family consists of a pair of fowls, a senior citizen Pyrenes, a few Alpaca, a house cat and a doggy-daddy and a doggy-mommy.  Enjoy the rest of your lives, little girls.


Brownie, re-named "Grizzly" as in bear.   The adopter's granddaughters and the adopter just love him.  Grizzly isn't sure what's happening but we know his whole world will change. Can you say, "SPOILED"?  His adopter says, " Grizzly is the best puppy ever!!"


Bandit's new family says, "The car ride home was long.   Bandit gave a howl as we were leaving the valley, sort of a mournful goodbye.  We continue to learn new things about each other and give lots of hugs."

Update:  "Bandit has made all our lives here richer and more joyful. Besides being empathetic toward us humans, he has made a big difference in the psyche of our other rescue dog, Chloe.  When Chloe came to us she was fearful of humans and very isolated.  Since Bandit got here she has become capable of play and a more sociable dog herself."

"Bandit also recently comforted our granddaughter Samantha on the loss of a family member by kissing away her tears and 'hugging' her.
He is a smart, strong, lovable guy and we can't imagine life without him."
Latest Update: 
We adopted Bandit 2 years ago. He is a big 98 pound cuddle bug. 
We still keep him on leash when we go on walks on our 4 acres 
since the time last year when he got away and we found him 
about a mile away.  Thank you for all you do.


Bo's doggie mommy says, “ Bo is fitting in marvelously. I think he loves us as much as we love him. I'm very contented with my life at this time.  Bo helps complete my family. ” 

And later, “ He's a sweet lovable dog and I can't imagine living without him.   We're a pair, Bo and I.  Take care and thank you for Bo. I adore him ”.

Update:  "Within the past 6 to 12 months we have noticed how sweet and friendly Bo has become. He is still protective of my mother but now enjoys the rest of the family also.   Thank you for letting my mom have such a great dog."


Bentley, our gentle giant, is a Great Pyrenees/Lab mix.  His new family is very happy with him and he seems to be settling in well.  Bentley has begun dog obedience training and is learning a few manners.

Bentley's doggy-mommy says, "his heart is as big as he is."  We're very pleased that Bentley has found a loving home.

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