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11/7/2014 10:28 AM

Animal Success Stories
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Here's a photo of Cubby (now Rebel ) on the left, and his pal, Daisy, at a fundraiser.  "Rebel is always up for a party."  Thanks for the update, Christy.

Cubby  (Black dog) is very happy, his new mom says, " They (Cubby & Daisy) act like they have known each other for years and he acts like he has been living in our house for years.  They play a lot, but he has a nice calming effect on her in the quiet times.  He’s so sweet and exactly what we all needed.  The cats are not impressed, but they always take a little while!  We’re so glad that you found him and gave him a new start! "

More recently:
"Cubby, now Rebel, has   been such a great addition to our little family and has passed dog obedience class.   Everyone loves him, he’s very good with all dogs and people.  He likes to clean our cat’s ears, which they enjoy for short periods of time and he plays with the one cat sometimes.  He even jumps up on tables thinking that he’s a cat.  He’s very sweet, gets into mischief sometimes and is totally in love with Daisy (which he demonstrates every day – good thing they’re fixed or we’d have a lot of puppies!).  He’s really helped with calming her issues.  They play constantly and love running around the yard and getting muddy (or snowy).  Rebel’s very good with fetch.  We keep telling them that Shih Tzus are indoor type dogs –but they don’t believe it!  We like to be outside too, so it works well and they just get a lot of baths. We’re so glad that he found you and we found you.  We’re thankful for him every day!


Coco went home with her adopted doggy-daddy this morning. He and she will share their life together and will, we're sure, live happily ever after!  You're a West Virginia girl, now!  Yee-haw!!!!


Charlie is Betty’s litter mate and was surrendered to the local (kill) animal shelter with his 3 other litter mates.  AHABR pulled Charlie and Betty from the shelter and began socializing them. 

Charlie’s parents say, “Charlie has turned out to be a wonderful dog! He has done a total 180 degree transformation. He is very smart, comical, playful, and very sweet.  He has by far been the easiest dog I have ever had to housebreak and crate train.”

Charlie is so distinguished looking that Reach Out Rescue and Resources included his photo in their logo!


Chance, now "Beaner"

Doggie mom says, "Bean is great. He has gained weight and looks beautiful. Vet friends tell me he is a silver shepherd?  I don’t know what that is. I actually don’t care :) . . . all we know he is a great member of the family and he is here to stay :)”

Click a letter to find an animal or view all.
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