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Animal Success Stories
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Mazie was adopted in the middle of December.  She's very happy to have her forever home by Christmas.  Good luck, Mazie!!


Missy has a new family!  Not only will she have her own humans, but she will have 4 cats to keep her company (she doesn't mind that) AND an older male Dachshund.  Her life is now complete.  We wish her the very best.


From being  kept in a crate most of the time so that her paws were a little deformed and t hen being abandoned by her family, Mila has been adopted!!  Her new family will love her forever and she is in a wonderful place!!  Don't you just love a happy ending?  You go, Mila!


Milo, now Iggy, was adopted 01/17/2015. He now has two young girls to play with, neither of which have ever had a small pup! You go, Iggy!!!

Update:  "I've been meaning to write to let you know how absolutely wonderfully Iggy (Milo!) is doing. Although it is just a month, we can't remember or imagine life without him. Thank you!"



The children were begging for a dog for a long time.  When their mother saw a picture of Mesha dressed on our web site, she decided Mesha was the one for her family.  The kids were thrilled about Mesha and could hardly wait to get her.  When her new family came to pick her up, Mesha was immediately in love with them all!  And the children were as good as gold! 

Click a letter to find an animal or view all.
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