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Animal Success Stories
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Piper has a forever home!  This young Husky has brightened this couple's life.  After their baby is born, Piper will have three family members to take care of.  You go, little girl!!!


Pookie is settling in well.  After you left, she figured out how to get Caesar to play with her.  They ran through the house playing multiple rounds of tag (Mary's lap was home base).   

Afterwards, Eric took her on a run.  He thinks she is a really good running companion.  

Pookie is still in that chewing phase so I got her some chew toys and a tennis ball. She is starting to catch on to fetch - smart girl!

Shadow the cat finally came out to meet Pookie.   Pookie was not aggressive at all; just curious. Shadow is being a bit of a jerk about it but she'll get over it.

All in all I think she is acclimating faster than I expected.  We see the vet tomorrow for her annual.  I'll send pictures as soon as Pookie sits still long enough to take one!

Pookie was adopted by a family of 3 boys, a doggy-mommy and a doggy-daddy, a boxer named Ceasar, and a cat named Shadow.  Shadow, being a cat, was nowhere to be found.  But Ceasar and Pookie got along great, at least until Pookie dug up one of Ceasar's bones!  Pookie will get plenty of exercise in running twice daily with one of the boys.  Everyone seems very happy and more than willing to help Pookie adjust.  We've been promised photos and updates, stay tuned.


Pebbles writes:  “I just wanted to let you know I am loving my new family and they love me too. They are spoiling me and playing with me all of the time. The other two doxies just don't know what to think of me. They are kind of grouchy when I come around, but sometimes Kami will play for a few minutes. My new mommy, daddy and big brother are so good to me. I went to church with my family on Monday night to help care for the homeless.  They just absolutely loved me!!”

“This morning I went to my mommy's school to meet the children in her class. They have been begging to meet me all week. After my visit with my mommy's students, I went for a visit to my new vet, Dr. Valerie who is a friend of my mom's and she will take very good care of me. Dr. Valerie said I appear to be in excellent health, however she says I am only 7 months old and I still have some growing to do. She thinks I will weigh about 14 pounds when I am done growing.”

“I just want to thank you for sending me to my new home. I absolutely love it.  Please tell my friends at the kennel that I miss them and I hope they are  lucky like me to find a good home.”

Hugs and Kisses
“Oh, I will be meeting my cousin Bella the Yorkie for the first time this weekend. I heard my mommy and daddy say she will love me because I love to play and romp. I can't wait to meet my other big brother and my new cousin Bella!”

UPDATE:  "Pebbles continues to be a wonderful part of our family. She is active and and she keeps us on our toes. She loves to be outside and run everywhere! She has even been known to run into our neighbors house and jump up in the recliner with a sleeping neighbor.

Pebbles had a lot of anxiety when she first came to our home. She has now adjusted beautifully and no longer requires being crated during the day. She and her doggie sisters play and get along well together.

Pebbles also loves children and they love her. Pebbles has been an adding blessing to our lives and we hope to spend many more years with her."




Patches is doing great!  She has settled in with our other cat, Callie.  They chase each other all around the house.  Patches is much larger and gets a bit rough with Callie, but seems to respect Callie as the dominant one in the house.

We probably should have named her Plopsy--she'll just "plop" down on the floor.  We also sometimes call her "Bull".  She's like a bull in a china shop--she's broken 2 mini blinds getting herself into a position to see out the window!  Then, the kitten in her comes out--she was running in circles last night chasing her tail!

She's a lot of fun and very affectionate.  Yet, when you first go to pet her she still cowers a bit.  So I often wonder what she went through before you found her.

Patches loves sitting on my lap as soon as I sit down at the computer, and is with me now.  She has the loudest cat motor I've ever heard!  We love her and are very happy she's part of our family!

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