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11/7/2014 10:28 AM

Animal Success Stories
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Sandy is one happy girl.  She's been adopted and now she can enjoy all the love and playtime she could possibly want.  Her new doggy mom is very happy, too, as you can see here.

Update:    Sandy is adapting very well and the boys where I live and work love to spoil her. She is content being inside with her blanket and ball. She loves cuddling in the evenings and is eating well.



Spencer has found a loving home that will help him have the best time of his life, which isn't saying much since he was so sadly neglected.  Spencer's new doggy-parents report:   "After he recuperated from all the medical treatments, Spencer has started to show his personality.  He is a lively, plucky little fellow who knows what he wants and is learning to be loved and petted.  We really love him and are happy that he's doing so well.  Thank you, AHABR , for all your care and efforts in helping homeless animals."


Sadie 's new doggy-daddy is a very active fire-fighter who will give her the active life she craves.  Running and hiking and being with "her man" is just what she needs.  We wish you and your new guy a lot of luck and a wonderful, active life.

Update on Sadie

Sadie, now age 7, is a joy to have around and an excellent watch dog.  She's also
my companion when hiking in the GW National Forest. 


Shadow & Bella (now Chunky) have a new forever home where they'll be loved and well taken care of forever.  Their new family consists of a pair of fowls, a senior citizen Pyrenes, a few Alpaca, a house cat and a doggy-daddy and a doggy-mommy.  Enjoy the rest of your lives, little girls.


From Scully/Buddy's doggie daddy, "I received your mail today and would love to update how Buddy is doing. He is doing great! I have included some pictures of Buddy that i would like to share. He is very close to me and very shy with other people but he loves to meet other dogs when we go to the park. He is very healthy and has gained some weight. I am very thankful that he is a part of my life and how admirable your mission to help these animals." Thanks for the update and you go, Buddy!!  

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